6.980m2 built area

Competition for the New Botafoc de Ibiza Maritime Station, Ibiza 2016

The proposal is based on three main actions that are formally translated into reducing the building’s façades to three: the access façade, the harbour façade and the roof as the third façade. The three basic objectives are thus resolved.



The promenade and surroundings of the Botafoc lighthouse (of high social value in the memory of the city) are integrated into the new station through the pedestrian connection with the new building and the creation of a quality open space on the roof, with services and views of the surroundings. A new social attraction of interest in the city.



The correct functioning of the entry and exit circuits for passengers, terminal workers and port services is guaranteed through:

– the new design of the Terminal and its corresponding check-in, transit, security, access control systems and circuits, as well as the necessary spaces to resolve waiting times with commercial support areas.

– The improvement of existing infrastructures in terms of road connections, existing car parks and parking areas for taxis, buses, supply and service vehicles.

The current functioning of internal traffic in the port is improved in relation to safety and fluidity in the entry and exit of light and heavy vehicles to and from ships, the entry and exit of passengers on foot and in the circulation of port service vehicles.


Architects authors

David Calvo, Luis Quesada



Anna Fdez. Abelló


Ports de Balears