1.100m2 built area

Project for a Paddle Sports Facility, T.M. Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza 2023. Under construction

We designed a Padel facilities with a strong environmental project character, working as a team with the environmental consulting engineer Olaya Pina.

The facilities basically consist of 5 courts and a small service building. The outdoor area is preserved as a natural area. Only certain well-defined and controlled areas will be transformed. An area for vehicles and parking, which will be made by means of perforated paving that allows the proliferation of vegetation and another area for pedestrians, by installing natural stone paving grouted with topsoil that will mark the itineraries for access to the various facilities. In the rest of the outdoor space, only native tree and shrub species with low water requirements will be planted to provide privacy and shade for users.

The small service building will have a rectangular ground floor and a flat roof with the following rooms: reception, canteen, office/storage, changing rooms and toilets. A simple prism with the only peculiarity of rounding the corners, recognising the pedestrian circulation around it and having only two large openings facing each other on the south and north facades, which serve as access to the building from the access area and from the track area. It also allows clear views of the outside from the inside at the social meeting point of the canteen and reception.

The rest of the rooms, toilets and changing rooms, have mechanical ventilation and zenithal light to guarantee maximum privacy. The basement floor will house all kinds of water storage tanks, installations and storage to minimise the impact on the landscape.

The materialisation of the building is resolved with natural materials, linked to the site. Earth-coloured plaster from the surrounding area, wood in carpentry and ferrous-coloured metals that also resemble the natural earth of the place.

The thermal efficiency of the building is the basis of its design. The envelope is resolved with thermal insulation placed on the exterior face, by means of the SATE system on the façade. Inside, the use of thermo-clay block further improves its hygrothermal performance, which, without plastering its interior face, shows all its ceramic and relief expressiveness. This is in addition to the visible materials of wood and concrete used in the interior finishes.

The result is an architecture with a marked ecological, rural and industrial character, made with natural materials, without cladding.



Architect author

David Calvo



Victor Muñoz, Piero Fischetti


Jose Boned Boned