1.990m2 built area

Project of facilities for agricultural exploitation, T.M. Sant Joan de Labritja, Ibiza 2022. In process

The new buildings projected on the plot arise from the need to serve the global project of the plan for the cultivation of the agricultural exploitation of the land and the subsequent production of different products. On the one hand, to provide space for storage and, on the other hand, to be able to accommodate the production facilities.

The rectangular buildings, measuring 20 x 49.90m, are adapted to the topography and are situated parallel to the roadside. In this way, only part of one of the fronts of the storage and services building can be seen, which emerges from the new forest of fruit trees.  They are not arranged strictly parallel to each other, but take slightly different directions. They adapt to the topography and the existing terraces and therefore take on a more physically integrated character with the site.



Architect author

David Calvo


Víctor Muñoz, Piero Fischetti


Aromáticas de Ibiza SL