165m2 built area

Renovation of 2 dwellings in a multi-family building. Calle La Virgen 77, La Marina, Ibiza 2017

Renovation of 2 dwellings in a historic building located in the Barrio de la Marina. Dwellings arranged from having the nucleus of baths as central element that separates bedrooms from living-dining room-kitchen and makes possible the use of this one linked to the rooms in a suite way or shared with the housing.

On the one hand it rescues and highlights the beauty of the existing, the constructive system of the time, stone masonry walls, high ceilings with exposed beams, balcony doors, restored wooden carpentries, and on the other hand the new is resolved with the incorporation of a large white piece of light lacquered wood in white that resolves the uses of the central piece of the bathrooms, with incorporated sliding doors and kitchen front, providing more luminosity to the rooms.

In addition, certain spaces are sprinkled with hydraulic ceramics as cheerful brushstrokes as singular counterpoints.





Architects authors

David Calvo, Luis Quesada


collaborating architects

Anna Fdez. Abell├│


Xavier Duran


Proyectos Generales Roxas SL