614m2 built area

Residential building with 6 dwellings in Calle Sant Carles 15, Dalt Vila, Ibiza 2015

Renovation of a historic building in the Dalt Vila neighbourhood. Emptying the building and maintaining the facades, the new programme integrates and adjusts to the existing limits with a modern language within a historical context and envelope. A double façade is proposed, the historic façade is rehabilitated and the modern façade is deployed in an interior courtyard, which surprises from the moment of arrival as a welcoming space.


The proposal focuses on creating a beautiful interior courtyard as a large vertical outdoor space that connects all the floors and allows more natural light into the main rooms. A system of wooden slats serves as a filter to provide privacy between the different dwellings. The interior is resolved with exposed concrete slabs and white lacquered wood and glass walls. This achieves maximum luminosity and clarity in the spaces. The relationship between the new interior spaces and the existing façade provides original exterior interstitial spaces in the form of terraces.



Architects authors

David Calvo, Luis Quesada


collaborating architects

Antonio Albaladejo, Núria Fdez. Vinyet

structural designer

Jesús A. Rodríguez


Xavier Duran