706m2 built area

Single-family detached house project and annex in Cap Martinet, Ibiza 2022. In process

Situated on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, the project develops the programme of a house and its annex which are connected to each other at ground floor level giving rise to A LARGE COMMON SPACE, open to the exterior and totally intercommunicated, in the manner of a landscape of sequences of living rooms, dining rooms, terraces and gardens with the beautiful horizon in the background.





The main house is located on the first line with sea views from all levels, while the annex is located on the second line, with sea views through the living rooms of the main house and directly from the first floor and roof levels. Maximum PRIVACY from the adjacent streets is achieved through strategic positioning and orientation of the different enclosed volumes and vegetation.

At first floor level, the volumes maintain privacy from each other and enjoy views of the sea and the horizon. High QUALITY OF THE DIFFERENT SPACES is achieved. Special importance is also given to the sensation of arrival and reception of the dwelling. A welcoming front courtyard designed as a beautiful garden to receive and organise the access to the garage, the pedestrian access to the homes and the temporary outdoor parking, as well as a drop-off area that allows the circulation of vehicles, resolved by means of a play of different green walls and materials, a large circular staircase, vegetation and water.


Architects authors

David Calvo & Structurelab_architekten



Víctor Muñoz, Piero Fischetti