146m2 built area

Reforma de Local para Restaurante, c/Castilla 9, Ibiza 2017

Located in the centre of the city of Ibiza, the new restaurant was developed from the structure of a small ground-floor building between party walls that had the use of carpentry. Two important skylights on the roof and large practicable windows on the façade is the direct relationship of the main interior space with the exterior. A space conceived as a large open-plan room where kitchen and dining room merge. The main idea was to bring the author’s kitchen as close as possible to the dinner, introducing the elaboration process as part of the experience.


The aesthetic proposal is the consequence of joining the two parts, the industrial cooking part, with the use of black and stainless steel, and the warm and colourful enjoyment of eating, with the use of wood, cork and a terrazzo floor in green tones that creates the effect of a large vegetable carpet.




David Calvo, Luis Quesada


Anna Fdez. Abelló, Magdalena Merchán


Xavier Duran


Motas Proyectos e Interiorismo SL